5 Exercises Better Than Running You Have to Try

Let’s face it, running is pretty boring. It’s a basic movement practice, which despite being great for your cardio and overall health also can have a significantly negative impact on your joints. Running and jogging seems to be the go to exercise for fitness and although it burns approximately 400 calories per hour there are plenty of other exercises which burn considerably more calories, teach you new skills and in our opinion, are more effective and enjoyable. Check out our favourite five exercises to get you ripped and in shape.


Burpees are an innocuous looking exercise that at first appearance seem to be relatively straight forward and easy. They are one of the most brutal full body exercises that are great for your core strength, cardio and upper body muscles. Start with doing 20 then work up to completing a set number in a specific time frame. Burpees are an exercise which can be completed at home, in your office and require no specialist equipment or location to complete. Try doing 40 at night before bed and 40 when you get up, that’s a pretty good start and end to the day.

Calorie burn: 800 calories per hour

Rock Climbing

If you want to test your baseline fitness and strength try some rock climbing. You will be humbled. There are plenty of indoor climbing gyms in most big cities and getting started is pretty easy (but you will need a partner to go with). When new people start climbing they attempt to use muscle to complete the routes which leads to burn out quickly. Climbing is mainly technique and core strength over muscles although when you start climbing you will begin to use muscle groups that you don’t typically work out. The great thing about climbing is the problem solving, sense of achievement and that you can enjoy the experience with a partner. Climbing is difficult and takes a long time and a lot of commitment to begin to get a handle on it but stick at it as it is an awesome workout. Pro tip: if you are serious about pursuing the sport get some climbing shoes.

Calorie burn: 500 calories per hour


If you want a the most output for your input the skipping is up there. It is a great calorie burner and an amazing way to build stamina in a short amount of time. The great thing about skipping is it is so versatile: you can vary speed and develop an interval training program or mix it up with high knees and when you get good at it get technical and put some tricks in. Skipping also teaches you to be light on your feel and teaches you timing and coordination. Try 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to start with.

Calorie burn: 600 calories per hour


By boxing we don’t necessarily mean stepping in the ring and slugging it out against a fellow pugilist, there are plenty of more fitness oriented boxing gyms now which are less hardcore and intimidating. Learning some skills on the pads and developing a workout on the bag are great ways to improve your stamina and coordination. Again, boxing is one of those sports that once you start training makes you realise that you weren’t as fit as you thought you were. As an added bonus you will find boxing increases your confidence in everything you do and it’s always great to be able to have the skills to defend yourself.

700 calories per hour.


The great thing about rowing is you don’t even need a boat. There are loads on great, reasonably priced rowing machines on the market and they are always available in your gym. Rowing is amazing for your cardio and is low impact so the negative effects on joints is removed. It is also great as a lower and upper body workout, exercising multiple muscle groups.

Calorie burn: 600 calories per hour

Working out can become a bit of a chore at times so it’s great to be able to mix it up and learn some new skills at the same time. Happy training people.



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