Australian Certified Organic and The Search For Healthy Food

Consumers across the world are becoming more aware of food quality and conscious of what they are consuming. However, demand for food is also increasing which means producers need to find ways to increase crop yield and frequency of harvest often at the expense of food quality. Here at La Kult we felt it was important that we become Australian Certified Organic to demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to supplying quality, healthy and organic products. In this article we look at how as consumers we can be sure that we are consuming healthy food free from chemicals.

Increasing Demand for Food

By 2030 the world population will be 8 Billion and not only will basic, staple food demand increase but also processed foods as incomes rise and the world becomes wealthier. The problem with this is that the amount of arable land, ie: land suitable for farming, will not increase significantly. This means that yield has to increase, either by more crop per harvest, increasing number of harvests or a combination of the two.

Improved farming practices and technology are two ways that yield may be increased but the use of genetic modification (GMO) and the use of herbicides and pesticides is also a way farmers may increase the amount of product they produce. This method is of course at the expense of food quality and how healthy that food actually is. Is an apple still healthy when it is GMO and covered in pesticide? I think not.

What About Healthy Food?

As we become more aware of good food and what is healthy it seems that it is becoming harder and more expensive to find it. As consumers we should be able to decide that we do not want food that has been treated with pesticides, herbicides and that has been grown sustainably from both the land and the community where it is produced.

Australian Certified Organic products ensure that what you are eating hasn’t been treated with pesticides, herbicides, is not genetically modified nor has had any synthetic chemicals used in their growth, production or processing. Also, organic food tastes great and leaves you feeling clean and healthy.

The Search for Healthy, Organic Food

Certified organic food is certainly a lot healthier than non-certified organic. There is a defined link between the use of pesticides and the development of cancer and many questions about genetically modified food and its safety. It is of course difficult, and very expensive, to eat all organic food but including some key staples in your diet that are organic will go a long way to improving your health. Another great alternative is to begin to grow your own produce which is a cheap and fun alternative.

At La Kult we are Australian Certified Organic and always supply the best organic food for our customers. We practice what we preach and love to eat organic and continue the search for new products that are both organic and a great addition to your daily diet.

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