Become a Workout Warrior – Fuel Your Body the Right Way

Getting in the gym, going for a run or doing that yoga routine (our new favourite past time) and pushing our fitness is a great way to not only get your body fit but also your mind. However, we’ve all had that workout where we have struggled doing the exact same training as we had done the week before with no problems.

The reason for the variance in workout performance is often due to what food we put in our body both before and after training. Typically, this may be due to not consuming enough protein, nutrients and energy giving foods. A lot of people consume an energy drink before they hit the gym, the problem being that the sugar crash that comes 20-30 minutes later makes completing the rest of the session an uphill battle.

Similarly, carb loading is also something which a lot of endurance athletes do prior to an endurance session. The same problems arise with carb loading as they do with consuming energy drinks: the crash. On top of this some people then use a nasty protein shake full of sugar which supposedly assists in muscle recovery and growth. Perhaps the protein helps but the other stuff it contains pretty much undoes any positive effects it may have.

All of the above seems so wrong when there are some great natural alternatives and options for fuelling our bodies. We always recommend a diet full of earth grown nutrients, protein (meat or alternatives), minimal sugar and with a large water intake. Be mindful of what you consume, avoid those sweet snacks, focus on increasing the number of nutrients you consume with every mouthful of food. Processed foods and refined sugars are off the table from now on.

Let us share with you a simple recipe which you can use to make a replacement to your sugar filled, unhealthy protein powder shake using Spirulina and Maca, two products which we sell as a combo called the Workout Warrior.

Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food on the planet, plus it is high in protein, approximately 70%. Maca is the ancient Peruvian Superfood known to boost energy and improve mood. Combined, these two Superfoods are an amazing pre and post workout mix, great for both boosting energy and giving you all the protein you need for both muscle growth and recovery. They are the perfect replacement for those nasty, manufactured protein shakes. Both products are Australian Certified Organic and are single ingredient, meaning they contain nothing but the freeze-dried product. No additives and no fillers. Here’s a simple recipe you can enjoy for a pre and post workout smoothie:

5-10g Spirulina

5-10g Maca

1 x Carrot

1 x Apple

1 x Lime

1 x Banana

Blend all ingredients together in a Nutri Bullet or similar with water only. This will make about 1-1.5 litres depending on how thick you like your smoothies. Drink half before you workout then the other half after.

We all need to improve our diets, particularly if we work out a lot, to ensure we are fuelling our bodies the correct way and not only spiking our energy levels with sugar hits or by carb loading. Protein is king to ensuring our bodies get the most out of our training regimes balanced with a healthy intake of earth grown nutrients.

If you are looking for a new workout buddy, try our Workout Warrior Combo of Spirulina & Maca. Australian Certified Organic and single ingredient products with no additives or fillers. Try it now at



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