How Superfoods Can Turn You in to a Workout Beast

Working out can be a real pain sometimes…literally. What with our busy lifestyles, ridiculous working hours, kids, chores and whatever we have to fit in to 168 hours this week our biggest battle is fatigue. We’ve all made the excuse about being too tired to hit the gym or go for that run but in reality this is not to do with our lifestyles this is to do with what we put in our bodies. Fuel. Good fuel burns at a good rate and so it is important to make sure you have the right nutrition in your diet along with correct hydration.

Let’s Avoid Sugar

It’s difficult to avoid sugar nowadays but we can avoid actively seeking out refined sugar as a source of energy. Gone are the days of smashing down a few energy drinks before your workout or a can of fizzy drink. All that does is to give you a sugar spike and a brief burst of energy but ultimately your body will crash at the time you need the most energy: during your workout. Avoid using sugar as a ‘supplement’ or energy booster and look at using other more natural products to get the boost you need.

Protein is King

During workouts our muscles become strained and recovery and building of our muscles is down to the protein we have in our diet. Meat is obviously high is protein, as is fish, eggs and nuts, which are all natural sources and should all be part of our daily diet anyway. In recent years we have seen a surge in popularity of protein powders which many people use as a supplement for body building and working out. However, a lot of these products contain additives and sugars which not only don’t aid your workout but are also bad for you.

If you are looking for a protein boost take some Spirulina, which is 70% protein and more easily absorbed by the body than protein found in meat. It is also great for overall health and particularly good for when you have a cold or flu. It is also high in iron, containing 60 times that of raw spinach so is great if you are very active as it replenishes those iron levels very effectively.

Super Boost Your Energy Levels

If you want to increase your stamina and energy before a workout Maca is a great addition to any pre workout routine. It is said that the Inca warriors took Maca before battle to increase their energy and strength. Modern science has proved that Maca does indeed increase endurance and stamina so get some Maca powder and add it to your smoothie. It is also high in protein so is great for muscle growth and health as well.

Post Workout

After your workout it is important to allow your body to recover and repair. Acai is a great product to put in a smoothie with other berries and fruits. Its high levels of antioxidants are great at repairing the damage that occurs during workout as well as fighting the free radicals that are produced by the body. Similarly, Camu Camu is also fantastic for inflammation of the muscles as it increases the amount of oxygen to the cells. It also contains 60 x vitamin C than oranges but without the sugar so is a very healthy alternative.

Superfoods can be a great addition to your workout routine, not only do they assist in muscle growth, recovery and reducing inflammation they are also great for general health as well as improving your skin, hair and nails. So throw those protein powders away and start putting something natural in your body.

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