How Superfoods Will Allow You to Take the Steps to Healthy Living

We’ve all heard the expression ‘You are what you eat’ and this has never been more appropriate than now with the large amounts of processed and fast foods that are available to us. Couple that with a busy lifestyle and being time poor and there is a perfect combination for a health crisis which we are starting to see already with the epidemic in obesity and poor health.

Well-being and health is predominantly down to diet although being active is also critical to maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle. However, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise, if you are filling your body with junk food you are going to be unhealthy.

Our bodies have 100 trillion cells which all require the correct nutrition to be able to function correctly and not degenerate to a point where they start to work against us, ie: cancer, disease and an early death. Obviously, we aren’t going to live forever and our cells do degenerate as we age but by making sure we have the correct nutrition in our diets we can ensure that we get the maximum out of life while we are here.

The effects of a poor diet are endless: low energy, mood swings, decreased sex drive, fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and reduced cognitive function just to name a few. If you are experiencing any of these it’s time to look not only at your diet but also your lifestyle as the two are closely related. For example, are you always rushing, grabbing takeaway food on the go and going to bed late? If so, perhaps looking at your time management may be a way where you can ensure you are more efficient in your daily tasks.

What about stress? Are you always feeling stressed with work, kids, money…life in general? Perhaps you can analyse your stress patterns, take a yoga class, get back to playing a sport you love or find another way to switch off. The relationship between exercise or doing something enjoyable on our health is proven: feel happy and your health will feel happier too. Most of all, the single most important thing you can do for your health is to make sure you get enough sleep. Get to bed early, make sure you get 7-8 hours a night. Don’t have a TV in your room or wake up in the night and check your phone. In fact, put your phone in another room and get an old fashioned alarm clock, you will feel the difference almost instantly.

We are so hyper-connected nowadays that many of us find it hard to unplug and get away from emails, YouTube, online shopping and Netflix. Managing our bourgeoning addiction to these things is critical to improving our quality of life.

When it comes to food, anything green is good. Aim for nutrient dense foods and Superfood products such as Acai and Maca to give you a shot of vitamins as well as an energy boost. Cut down on the processed foods, reduce the amount of things in your freezer and try to eat fresh food as much as possible. Practice your cooking skills so that you become faster and better at it so it is not such a chore as you might find it now.

Becoming healthy is a road which is full of temptations but one which we all can do better at. The pay-off for becoming healthy is obvious but for many of us just seems too hard to achieve and maintain. Following the simple steps above will give you a quantum leap forward in your journey for better health.

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