Interview with La Kult Co-Founder Alex Biggs on Our Range of Organic Superfoods

Check out our interview with Fine Food Wholesalers where we discuss our Superfoods, the history of our brand and why you should be including La Kult Superfoods in your diet.

Imagine a simple powder that can be mixed in with the foods and drinks you consume every day and which will provide an effortless boost to your health and well being. We spoke with Alex Biggs, Co-Founder of the Brand La Kult and Founding Partner of The Freeway Collective, and learned more about these easy to use Superfoods.

FFW: What is a ‘superfood’? 

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: A Superfood is a food which is very high in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Superfoods range from certain types of fish to vegetables and fruit.

La Kult Superfoods are freeze dried fruit products with no additional additives or fillers which can be used as part of your daily diet in many different food applications from smoothies to baking.

FFW: Are superfoods a fad that will fade when the next fad comes along?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Superfoods are a tag referencing foods particularly high in nutrients and antioxidants. These foods have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people of the countries they are native to so the one thing they aren’t is a fad.

The term Superfoods is broad but all our products are very niche, proven over thousands of years and great for your health. And let’s face it, certified organic health food isn’t becoming unpopular any time soon, in fact the opposite is true.

FFW: What kinds of consumers are buying superfoods such as acai, spirulina, maca, camu camu and cacao?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Our customer base is broad but the bulk of our audience is focused on well-being, health and fitness. Many people use our products as supplements for their workout regimes and to help give them the edge. All our products fit in really well with that lifestyle. Because of where our products come from (the Amazon rainforest, for example) there is also a strong element of adventure and independence in our brand and products which we also see in our customers too. Some of our products, Acai and Camu Camu, are great for improving skin health and appearance due to vitamin E and C content, so we see a lot of people using them as a supplement to their daily beauty treatment.

Ultimately, those concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, whichever form that might take, buy La Kult Superfoods.

FFW: What are the quality benchmarks of the products you offer?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: We are Australian Certified Organic, a status that we hold very proudly. To be Australian Certified Organic is an honour and to maintain that certification is a process that involves lots of record keeping, transparency and QAQC. All our products are ethically sourced and support local communities too.

FFW: Do you add any additional ingredients to your products?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: No. All our ingredients are pure with no additives, preservatives or fillers.

FFW: What differentiates La Kult Superfoods’ products from those offered by other suppliers?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Our products are very high quality, for example our Acai has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any available on the market with an ORAC score of 182,146 uM trolox / 100g. We pride ourselves on our Australian Certified Organic status and always put quality of both product and service above everything else.

We are also flexible and open to discussions around collaborative marketing with retailers and love to work with our retailers to ensure that both they and customers get the best from La Kult products.

FFW: What made you decide to establish a brand that offers super healthy food products?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: As the founders of La Kult we have always been active and interested in healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Before starting La Kult I worked in the corporate world in the mining and banking sector and started using Superfoods to allow me to maintain the hectic pace associated with my work. I soon found that they gave me multiple health benefits from improving energy, making me feel a lot healthier, increasing focus and improving digestion. That is when we made the decision to start importing product from around the world and the brand La Kult was born.

We then started sharing our products with friends and people we knew and before we knew it we had quit our jobs and started to work on La Kult full time and we haven’t looked back.

FFW: How do you recommend retailers promote your products in store?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Our branding is very strong and we know from experience that displaying two or three products together seems to attract consumers’ interest.

We are always looking at ways to collaborate with retailers and are open to ideas that retailers may have. We will be looking at distributing stand-up end of aisle cardboard displays where our products can be displayed for those retailers that are interested in the near future.

FFW: Do you provide marketing materials such as shelf wobblers, information cards, recipe cards or samples?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: We are in the process of developing these resources but it depends what retailers want and see as feasible within the store. Obviously, we would love to have our products displayed end of aisle where we would provide the appropriate display stands but this is based on the retailer’s requirements and ability to facilitate this. We are eager to sit down and explore these opportunities so please contact us to discuss further.

FFW: How do your products help foodservice businesses?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Superfoods are particularly popular at the moment and becoming more on trend as time passes so any smoothie or recipe incorporating them means a product that can be charged at a premium.

FFW: What kinds of foodservice businesses are serving your products to their customers?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Mainly the café industry. Healthy eating and organic products are becoming a big part of Australian café culture now. Superfoods are a great talking point, they are colourful and can be used in a number of different applications, including smoothies, which are great in summer.

FFW: What is the shelf life of your superfood products?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: 12-18 months.

FFW: Do you offer bulk quantities for foodservice businesses, outside of the 150g/250g packs?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: Yes. Please apply for pricing.

FFW: Is there such a thing as “too much of a good thing” where your products are concerned? Is moderation key?

LA KULT SUPERFOODS: We have a recommended serving suggestion. For best results it is best to use our products regularly. For example, a 150g bag of Acai has 50 servings so it is appropriate for between 3-6 weeks depending on how much you use in your recipes.

Add extra, unexpected dollars to your bottom line with the offering of a scoop of superfood to your drinks menu items. Retailers, showcase the health benefits of each product and highlight them on displays to encourage sales of La Kult which will easily become repeat purchases. Make your enquiry today by contacting La Kult at



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