Looking for a Great Natural Workout Boost? Check out This Recipe

If you go online and search ‘workout supplements’ you will find a plethora of strangely named products in black tubs with platinum writing with pictures of shirtless Mr Olympia types all over them. Having enjoyed a good workout for many years we have never been particularly drawn to any of these mysterious products mainly because of being uncertain of what ingredients they contain.

When we started La Kult Superfoods we were looking for products which served multiple purposes, were organic, pure and without any additives or fillers. One specific area we focused on was providing products which could be used as supplements pre-workout and post-workout to replace a lot of the synthetic rubbish that is currently on the market.

Two products you should be taking if you are looking for a pre-workout boost are Maca and Spirulina. Maca is great as an energy booster and is full of vitamins and amino acids, while Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food on the planet with the kicker being it is 70% protein which is great for muscle growth and recovery.

Let’s take a look at these two fantastic products in more detail.


Maca is referred to as the Peruvian Ginseng and is very high in vitamins B, C and E. It is also high in amino acids and nutrients and is used in Peru for improving stamina and boosting energy. Legend has it that Maca was used by the Incan warriors before going in to battle to improve stamina, focus and concentration. If it’s good enough for that then I’m sure it will work just fine for that one hour gym session. Maca is one of the most versatile and best Superfoods currently available today.


Spirulina contains 70% protein, is high in vitamin B12 and vitamin E. As a workout supplement it contains everything your body requires with the protein being crucial for muscle growth. It also helps normalise cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Spirulina is given to its astronauts by NASA as a nutrient supplement when they are in space due to its exceptionally high nutritional content.


1-2 tsp La Kult Maca

1-2 tsp La Kult Spirulina

1 x apple

2 x banana

2 x carrots

Top up with water and mix in the Nutri-Bullet or blender. Drink half before your workout and the other half afterwards.

Both of these Superfoods are fantastic on their own but together they really are a force to be reckoned with. All our Superfoods are Australian Certified Organic and contain no additives or fillers. You can buy either Maca or Spulrulina at our site HERE or buy both in our Workout Warrior Combo and save some money HERE 



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