The 20 Minute Workout to Get You Ripped – Without Going to the Gym

This is just an idea, but I am pretty certain that ancient man didn’t have a subscription to 24-Hour Fitness. We see anecdotal evidence that people have been both seeking and achieving great physiques for both practical and aesthetic reasons for thousands of years which to me means that the gym is not a necessary requirement to get ripped.

To be honest, as I get older working out becomes harder…call it being time poor, over worked, being (nearly) middle-aged or just loss of motivation, the outcome is the same: looking back at the ripped version of me and wondering how I get back there. I’ve never been a gym person, I’ve always worked out for purpose, i.e. sport. Having been heavily in to boxing and martial arts for most of my life training to me was easy as it was just going to do what I loved 4-5 times a week. A few years ago I had to give up contact sports due to a serious health problem which I overcame but in overcoming it I was left with this massive void where I used to workout.

I hate the gym, I’ll be honest. I never liked the machines and the vibe always seemed weird, compared to the boxing gyms and martial arts clubs I had spent a lot of my life in. What I had always enjoyed about boxing training was that it had a function, the strength and fitness you build is directly proportional to its usefulness unlike lifting heavy weights which means that at the end of it you are able to deadlift a cow.

I’ve really only ever used 10-12kg dumb bells and practiced body weight type exercises and now focus on working out frequently but at quite a high intensity, i.e. not much resting between sets, generally 1 minute, and maintaining a good pace.

Years working in the corporate world where I was starting early, sitting in front of a screen for 10 hours and working late definitely took its toll on me so I realised I had to find a workout I could complete in 20 minutes. This is my workout regime which I complete two to three time per week and completing two to three sets:

Push-Ups x 25

Squats x 15

Tricep Dips x 20

Burpees x 10

Bicep Curls (10-12kg) x 10 (Usually I only include bicep curls once to twice a week)

On the days I don’t complete this circuit I do 50 x push-ups every morning and 50 x push-ups before bed and do cardio one to two days per week. I don’t have a set weekly schedule that I follow but I complete the circuit at least twice a week and make sure I do something each of the other days. The best thing is it takes me 20 minutes maximum if I complete it at a high intensity, which I always aim for.

I have found that body weight exercises are really good for core strength and balance plus I feel generally stronger overall. As I get older I have found it more difficult to gain real strength and remain lean. I’m definitely not as lean as I once was but I realise that training at intensity works fantastically for me. I am also trying to get back to interval training where I jog for 200m then sprint for 50m then jog again and repeat. I’m finding this to be a really good fat burner and am trying to find time to incorporate more of this exercise.

My workout isn’t perfect and I try to be as consistent as possible and make sure that on balance I am eating a healthy diet of lots of fruits and vegetables.

Let us know your workouts, your diet and what is working well for you. I’m a firm believer in doing something for a purpose to get the best results so let us know what it is you are aiming for through your workouts.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.



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