Three Brutal Truths About Failures in Your Quest for Health and Fitness

Let’s be honest, in the quest for optimum health and fitness most of us fail at some point. We go through peaks and troughs, gain some weight, lose some weight, eat healthily for weeks or derail that with a binge on pasta and pizza. We get it, unless you are training for serious sporting events the ends often don’t justify the means. Why though? Surely wanting to be fit, healthy, live a long life and look and feel great should be one of our primary aims in life but ultimately we are creating an environment where we ourselves are derailing our own path to success.

These are three of the main reasons you’re not achieving your goals. And be prepared, they are brutal truths that might sting a bit. Here we go…

You don’t accept responsibility for your failures

Stop making excuses. Simple. Bad genes? You can overcome that, it’s a partial myth, you need to design your diet and workout around it. Too tired, don’t want to get up at 0530 for that run? Laziness. Nothing worth achieving was ever won easily and it’s in your hands. Nobody else’s. You’ve tried before and failed, so what’s the point? Nihilism is the biggest killer of progress and success. If something didn’t work then try something else, educate yourself, get professional input but don’t accept it. Accepting it means you just submitted which means you failed.

Cognitive bias – You don’t know as much as you think

When it comes to working out and diet we tend to do what we have always done, what we are comfortable with but that doesn’t fly when you aren’t seeing results. We can find ourselves flogging the same dead horse because we have a cognitive bias that it will work in the end. When we find things aren’t working though it can affect our motivation to continue, the cognitive bias is that we don’t accept that we might be wrong. Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for us so be prepared to educate yourself on new methods and conduct some split testing.

You’re not Miss or Mr Olympia

If you’re not an elite athlete then don’t train to be. If you are, then that’s a different story and this article probably isn’t as relevant to you. Having unrealistic expectations about your final goal can be demotivating to your progress, there’s no point comparing yourself to someone who trains for a living 8 hours a day. What works for them probably won’t work for you so be realistic about what you want to achieve and, more importantly, why you want to achieve it. Finding a passion is a great way to stay on track and motivated, for example take up running with a view to completing a marathon or start boxing with the plan to step in the ring. Without a greater goal, staying committed to your training and diet becomes a lot more difficult. You don’t have to focus on being the best at it you just have to focus on enjoying what you are doing, then the rest is easy.

There is a complex combination of factors which contribute to either your success or failure of your health and fitness goals. The key factor of course is you and your accepting responsibility and your commitment to a strategy that will get you to your end goal. The only person that needs to get on board with the plan is you so forget the excuses, build a strategy and get at it.

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