What Are Superfoods? The Myths, the Truths, the Benefits.

The term ‘Superfood’ is a term which we are hearing about more and more in health food circles. But what are Superfoods and are they really worthwhile including as part of your diet. In this article we look at the key benefits of some Superfoods and how they can improve your health and give it the super boost it needs.

The History of Superfoods

We first heard the term ‘Superfoods’ in the 1990s in Western circles but the truth is they have been around for thousands of years and were typically consumed by indigenous people to improve health, protect against disease and provide a vital source of nutrients.

There are many ancient Superfoods which are now gaining worldwide recognition such as Acai, Maca, Camu Camu, Spirulina and Cacao. There are also more well-known Superfoods such as kale, salmon and blueberries.

What is a Superfood?

The term ‘Superfood’ does not relate to any particular food group but is more used as a labelling tool. When searching for the benefits of a particular food product it is best to search the actual name and not use the generic term ‘Superfood’ as this name is not generally used by people in the medical research community.

Typically, anything that is high in nutrients, vitamins or anti-oxidants may be classed as a Superfood. Consumers should be aware though that even those these products are very good for health they cannot and should not be consumed in unlimited quantities. Generally, 5g a day of Maca is appropriate and may be sprinkled over cereal or in to smoothies or yoghurt, for example. Consuming in limited quantities is the key to gaining the maximum benefit. As with any healthy food if you consume too much of it there may be negative effects on the body.

What will Superfoods do for you?

It is important to understand how a specific food may affect your body and your health. There are a lot of online resources regarding Superfood products and it is always wise to consult your doctor before if you have concerns.

In moderation Superfoods can add a massive boost to your health due to their high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins. For example, Camu Camu contains thirty times the vitamin C of oranges. The important thing is to understand what you are buying and why you are buying it. Look beyond the trend and educate yourself on foods which could improve your health dramatically.

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