What is Camu Camu? The New Brazilian Super Fruit You Need to Know About.

Brazil has been on a lot of people’s radars recently with regards to super foods. What with Acai and Maca taking all the limelight as late there’s another superfood pushing its way to the front of the queue with its high anti-oxidant properties and mythical properties. Camu Camu is the new superfood on the block and in this article we take a look at what it can do for you.

What is Camu Camu?

Camu Camu grows mostly in wetland areas of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. It has historically been used by indigenous people for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The fruit is roughly the size of a lemon, orange in colour and contains sixty times the vitamin C of an orange.

What Can Camu Camu Do for You?

Camu Camu has strong anti-viral properties and is great for colds and flu as well as being good for your eyesight and dental health. It is also used as an energy booster and is great for general health due to its high levels of antioxidants.

What Are the Key Benefits of Camu Camu?

  • One teaspoon of Camu Camu powder has 1200% of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C.
  • Camu Camu is high in potassium which is an essential mineral for heart and kidney health. In every 100g there is 72mg of potassium.
  • Camu Camu contains Leucine which is an essential amino acid required for muscle growth and recovery. Camu Camu also contains Serine, another amino acid which is key for digestion.
  • Camu Camu is packed with flavonoids which are basically antioxidants and help fight against free radicals which can cause cancer.
  • Callic acid is also found in Camu Camu. Gallic acid has anti-fungal properties and is also an antioxidant.
  • Camu Camu is also high in ellagic acid which is said to have anti-cancer benefits basd on some early research. It has also been suggested that it has a positive effect on diabetes.

Should I take It?

In conjunction with a balanced diet of course you should! It has so many benefits with more research being made available on it all the time. Take a teaspoon a day, mixed in to cereal or on a yoghurt or smoothie and you’ll be feeling like Superman in no time.

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