What is Spirulina? If You’re Feeling Fatigued, Spirulina is the Answer.

We all feel fatigued with the busy modern lives we lead: work, kids, study, socialising…Facebook. It all adds up and instead of doing the most sensible thing: get some more sleep we tend to push ourselves to the limit. Often this results in lowering our immune systems and feeling fatigued and exhausted.

We would always recommend getting more sleep over any supplement or superfood (or coffee) but what if you could give yourself just a little boost to improve your immune system and increase your overall health? Try some spirulina in your diet. This ancient superfood, first used by the Aztecs, is a great addition to a balanced diet. We look at its providence, effects and how you can incorporate it in to your daily diet.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is an algae was first discovered growing in lakes in Central Africa and Central America where it was widely used by the Aztecs. It is considered the richest whole food source in nature and is highly nutritious with over 100 nutrients, more than any other plant, herb or grain.

What Does Spirulina Offer?

Spirulina is used to maintain health, boost the immune system and provide energy. Spirulina is between 60-70% protein, 300% more than fish or meat. It also contains no cholesterol. It also has an iron content 60 times greater than spinach and is high in Vitamin B12.

Spirulina is also high in antioxidants, 25 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots and also high in Vitamin E. It has also been used for weight loss as it naturally reduces appetite while at the same time supplying the nutrients required for a balanced diet.

Spirulina has also been proven to lower blood pressure, help normalise cholesterol and protect the body against free radicals which can cause cancer.

Spirulina is currently being investigated as food which may be able to end world hunger. It has been used in Central Africa for thousands of years as a dietary supplement and is seen as a viable prospect as a food which can make up the staple diets of the world’s hungry. Spirulina is a very resistant crop and can grow in extreme environments therefore ensuring a stable food supply. Combine this with its high protein levels and nutrients and you can see why Spirulina is gaining the attention that it is.

Is Spirulina a Good Addition to My Diet?

As part of a balanced diet Spirulina is an excellent addition. For those of us that lead hectic lives Spirulina is great for reducing feelings of fatigue and giving the immune system an overall boost. Recommended daily intake is 5g and may be consumed in a glass of water, mixed in to yoghurt and smoothies or sprinkled over cereal.

Spirulina is truly a great superfood which can give your health the super boost it deserves.

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