Why we Walked Away from the Corporate World to Make the World a Happier, Healthier Place.

When we founded La Kult both of us were overworked, overpaid, under-fulfilled corporate machines. Both of us were highly successful with big bank accounts but no meaning in our lives. Sure, earning money, achieving corporate success and climbing the ladder were great in a two-dimensional sense but we were both unhappy. Our lives had become everything that everyone else expected of us.

We stumbled upon Superfoods as a concept in 2014. I remembered Acai and Camu Camu from when I had spent time in Brazil in the early 2000s and we started to take it to help with our work schedules, plus it was exotic and full of sunshine – something we needed in our lives at the time.

It wasn’t long before other people wanted it too. We were reluctant to turn it in to a business because of lack of time with our corporate careers – but in the end, we stopped making excuses and made the jump. We quit. We made ourselves unemployed. We walked away. No one was going to miss us: as great and diligent at our jobs as we had been, we were numbers. Time to make ourselves count and build something that delivered value to everyone else.

Don’t misunderstand us that we saw La Kult as a form of rebellion against the system (maybe a little bit), but ultimately, we saw a successful business that could make people healthy and happy – something we hadn’t been for a long time. Our business experience, honed in the corporate world of finance, mining and banking meant there was never going to be a task we couldn’t overcome. We believed in the brand and our mission.

La Kult is more than just a company selling Australian Certified Organic Superfoods. It’s a way of life. It’s a mindset. A state of mind that achieves, gets things done, delivers value and sets ridiculously unachievable goals. We stand by our products, we stand by our brand and we stand by our customers.

We are developing several new products, including a skincare range which will be available in 2017. We want to keep pushing the limits of what we and our company are capable of and to inspire others to achieve the same. We are humbled that you have joined us on this journey and look forward to the growth of our tribe.

Upgrade Your Diet. Upgrade Your Health. Upgrade Your Life.


Our Mission is to help you be the best you can be: become healthier, have more clarity of thought and experience a more energised life by using our range of ancient Superfoods which have been fueling indigenous people around the world for thousands of years.

Our products are pure, single ingredient Superfoods and are Australian Certified Organic. Quality products that really work. Supercharge your life today.

Alex Biggs – Co-founder

Alex grew up in London before moving to Australia in 2003. He holds a BEng in Mining Engineering and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Alex has worked in the mining and banking industries before walking away from it all in 2014. From a high-flying executive to unemployed overnight he spent some time travelling and reflecting on his life, his goals and his purpose. Alex wanted to create a brand which delivered health and happiness to people’s lives. So, he co-founded La Kult with Shirly. Alex also has business interests in a children’s food brand and other businesses in Australia and China. He is also Vice-President of a charity which delivers free education to the Massai people of Kenya.

Shirly Cong – Co-founder

Shirly moved to Australia from China in 2000 to study at high school and then university where she graduated with a BComm degree in Accounting & Finance. Working in the corporate world in mining and oil and gas Shirly saw a wider, more meaningful application of her talents. Tired of the corporate life, overworked and with little meaningful reward for her 60 hours a week work schedule she walked away to found the brand La Kult. Shirly is a successful entrepreneur and has also co-founded a children’s food brand which is currently under development as well as having interests in several other businesses in both Australia and China.